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Popilush Shapewear Bodysuit: Your Seasonal Wear Guide for Year-Round

If you are tired of alternating blouses during the week, a quick and versatile solution could be to incorporate a piece that transforms any woman's silhouette and closet: the shapewear bodysuit

You can enhance your personal power by adapting assertive pieces for any occasion or season. Just change an accessory, add an overlay for warmth or innovate with a shoe with a different style that you decided to wear for the first time. Learn more tips through this complete guide for a more productive and comfortable year. 

Popilush Shapewear Bodysuit: Your Seasonal Wear Guide for Year-Round

Which bodysuit shapewear is essential in my wardrobe?

Do you know how to identify your personal style easily? This is an important question that you must answer. This is because the bodysuit is an extremely adaptable piece, regardless of the model you choose, so an important guide can be your personal taste.

The second step is to include pieces that can be part of your basic collection. So, for spring/summer you can choose fresh shapewear with short sleeves or without them, with adjustable straps that will help your curves take shape regardless of your body shape.

A breathable fabric is important for these two seasons, so choose a fabric with a high degree of elasticity like modal. This way you can have the necessary compression to strengthen your waist without suffering from the effects of sweat and enjoy a comfortable garment. A thong style shapewear also helps create a beautiful curve in the hip area. For spring, combine with floral and colorful pieces. For summer, opt for neon-colored accessories and perhaps thinner, more fluid pants. Take advantage of the beach climate to create fun looks.

Popilush Shapewear Bodysuit: Your Seasonal Wear Guide for Year-Round

What other Shapewear Bodysuit models can I use in other seasons?

If we think about the other seasons of the year, we need to include pieces that can help the body's warming process, because we will be preparing to spend Autumn/Winter safely and in style. So, you can invest in a seamless jumpsuit with long or half sleeves that will work great, especially if you combine it with warm coats like those made with wool and velvet.

On less cold days, you can invest in a long-sleeved mesh body shaper with some pretty detail to show off your good taste without having to wear layers on top. A piece with transparent sleeves and a rounded neckline will further enhance your feminine side. A bodysuit gives you a good shape in the waist area through the double-layer fabric, made for perfect abdominal control.

The T-shape in the buttocks area expands its shape and having a model with a snap closure in the crotch is practical, as you will be able to use the bathroom without complications. They pair very well with tailored trousers or leather midi skirts. Warm colors like wine and black are assertive. 

Popilush Shapewear Bodysuit: Your Seasonal Wear Guide for Year-Round

Final considerations

There are many ways to include a bodysuit in your routine and thus enhance the love you feel for your body. We saw how easy it is to choose a model that promotes a perfect wedding with so many other types of clothing, but it is also possible to enhance your personal style.

Furthermore, you can choose a piece based on its technical specifications to meet any personal need. You can be even more feminine with a deep v lace bodysuit. It can be in a short, full version or even in shorts format if you want to shape fat on your legs, sagging or cellulite. 

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